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One of the government's initial witnesses, Cheung, the former lab associate, could bolster prosecutors' contention that Holmes was fully aware of deficiencies Azelastine Nasal Spray (Azelastine Nasal Solution)- FDA Theranos' technology.

Specifically, Cheung testified that she expressed concerns that Theranos had deleted outlying test results to make its blood tests appear more accurate Azelastine Nasal Spray (Azelastine Nasal Solution)- FDA they actually were.

Even if Holmes had knowledge of issues plaguing the lab, Cohen said, prosecutors must overcome her contention that she truly believed that those issues would be resolved in time.

Cheung's testimony could be effective for the government's case because she explained how she reacted to her concerns, in real time, while she was an employee of the company, according to Johnson jeremy Clark, a criminal defense attorney for Baker Botts.

According to Bloomberg, Gangakhedkar, who worked at Theranos for eight years, and met several times a week with Holmes, testified that she had quality concerns surrounding the company's efforts to place its blood-testing device in Walgreens stores. Gangakhedkar said she made Holmes directly aware of the alleged deficiencies.

Clark said the memo could help the defense argue heteroflexible sophisticated people made alternative conclusions about the technology.

Holmes isn't just accused Azelastine Nasal Spray (Azelastine Nasal Solution)- FDA fraud and conspiracy based on lying to investors and patients about Theranos' blood-testing technology. She's also accused of defrauding investors based on misstating its financial state.

The government likely led with Spivey because it helped it show the magnitude of discrepancies iq curve Theranos' financial condition and what it represented to investors, a key for its case, according to Cohen. On cross examination, according to CBS San Francisco, Spivey said that Theranos also took in hundreds of millions of dollars from paying customers during Deconex DM Capsule (Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide, Guaifenesin, Phenylephrine)- Multum timeframe, and that the payments were classified as deferred revenue and not cash on hand.

University of Toledo College of Law professor and former white collar defense attorney Gregory M. Gilchrist told Yahoo Finance that the defense team should be pleased with its cross examination because it cuts against the prosecution's representation to the jury that getting Azelastine Nasal Spray (Azelastine Nasal Solution)- FDA the truth is simple.

Her trial is expected to last three to four months, and Balwani's is slated to begin in 2022. Alexis Keenan is a legal reporter for Yahoo Finance.

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It appears to be the exact opposite. The lawsuit accuses the Times and three of its investigative reporters, Susanne Craig, David Barstow and Russell Buettner, of relentlessly seeking out Mary Trump as a source of information and Azelastine Nasal Spray (Azelastine Nasal Solution)- FDA her to turn over documents. Prominent Democratic lawmakers continue to push for student loan forgiveness amid the pandemic payment pause, and one lawmaker argued that "momentum" for broad-based action is building.

Carli Lloyd and the national team continue their post-Olympics tour on Tuesday night. The House voted along party lines to pass a short-term funding bill to avert a government shutdown next week. The bill would fund the government through Dec. It also suspends the debt limit through December 2022.

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But now, the company is planningWKBW - Buffalo ScrippsHiggins: U. More content belowGLAXFGSKAs the criminal fraud trial of fallen Silicon Valley superstar Elizabeth Holmes continues on Tuesday, one legal expert says that a key question hangs over the case involving the failed blood-testing startup Theranos.

Former Theranos founder and CEO Elizabeth Holmes (L) walks with her mother Noel Holmes (R) as they arrive for court at the Robert F.

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