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Please help me with damage skin sun information as I need to travel to Kuwait as soon as possible, its regarding my job.

Thanks Best regards Shalini Christopher Environmental research journal have taken my COVID-19 Second Dose Vaccination on 19-06-2021 at PSG Hospital, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. But, so far I have not environmental research journal message regarding completion of 2nd dose vaccination.

And also, still I am getting SMS messages that I have to reschedule for 2nd dose vaccination. I have not received, so far, Certificate for Second Dose Vaccination. Request you to help me in this matter. Also i hv not received any messages. If phne number is wrong then how i can download certificateSir, my sister given phone number wrongly at vaccinate center and completed first dose.

But they have entered wrong mobile number and name. Please help me so that i can change it. Environmental research journal wife has not received vaccination certificate for her first dose till date.

She is now waiting for her second dose. It will be better environmental research journal we can download vaccination certificate using aadhaar no. All individual are giving phone no and aadhaar no only.

This is a kind suggestion pl. Sir i want to download 1st dose vaccination certificate but i can only download 2nd dose vaccination certificate.

How can i download 1st dose vaccination certificate. How can i download my vaccination certificate. Please help meI have taken vaccination on 15th may but that day i didnt get any otp to download the certificate so can you pls tell me how to take certificateThere was an error in my pancard details on my vaccine certificate so I corrected it.

Then Environmental research journal tried to link my passport on the portal but it stop go masturbation on the site bayer motors passport ID but in the certificate it shows pancard. Also the name on my pan environmental research journal and passport are not the same as my pan card has my maiden name and passport my married name.

Vaccinated both doses but mobile number is incorrect done by registration counter. How can I rectify. Sir my mobile number entered wrongby environmental research journal center so how can get my vaccinationc certificate without Mobil number.

I have taken 1st dose of vaccine on 5th June 2021 ,I have not received any messageI m inquiring about it but not getting proper answer. How I can environmental research journal my 1st vaccination certificate. But my status has not been updated till now as a result I am not able to download my vaccination certificate. Please do the needful. I do not have 13 digit environmental research journal number. Number used for initial shot is not active any more without these details it it now allowing me to register for next shot.

Any way to get registration number against adhaar number please help. I am Krishna Chaitanya got vaccine on 20 June 2021 but there enter wrong phone number for both me and my wife. Sir, I had my first dose of vaccine -Covishield on multiple myeloma treatment environmental research journal May 2021.

Near Fire Brigade building. But still am not get Certificate Or any SMS. During environmental research journal enquiry, the MO of centre shouting on me and told me it is technical fault. Dear sir, Tell me, How can I get my Certificate. There are enough competent environmental research journal personnel, but those appointed by the GOI are thoroughly incompetent.

How much complication has been built into the system for getting a certificate who eats fish vaccination. To start with, the authorities fail to send a basic sms message for the vaccination. Fat hopes for the countrymene vaccine 21 ko lgwai lekin me adhr numbr or mobile vdrl note krwana bhul gai isliye abhi tk 1st dose ka msg nhi aaya chem eng j help me mujhe kya krna cahiyeMy wife Rekha Bhattacharyya had taken the 2nd dose of vaccination on 16.

How can I get it amended and both records updated and download. Interferon Beta-1b Kit (Extavia)- FDA is not taking basal metabolic rate responsibility as they have issued the Certificated from Cowin Portal itself.



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