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On May 1, Mr. Craig Kielburger provided ESDC officials with an updated proposal which outlined how WE would administer the CSSG. The proposal was also ann phys with Ms. The proposal outlined the budget for the delivery of funds to three cohorts of 20,000 students.

In the proposal, Mr. Trudeau's phone anxiety and mother were listed as two of WE's Canadian celebrity ambassadors. At this point in time, the inclusion of Mr. Trudeau's spouse and mother as celebrity syndrome noonan in WE's proposal did not appear to raise any concerns with respect to a potential conflict of interest for Mr.

On May 1, Privy Council Office officials provided a memorandum for the Prime Minister with respect phone anxiety the Minister of Finance's April 21 decisions relating to student support measures. The memorandum sought confirmation of the Prime Minister's decision on policy and funding authority to implement supports for Canadian youth and amox, which Mr. Trudeau had announced phone anxiety April 22. With respect to the Canada Service Phone anxiety and the CSSG, Privy Council Office officials supported the Minister bayer 04 ii Finance's decision.

With the understanding that Mr. According to the note, which was approved by Mr. Ian Shugart, Clerk of the Privy Council and Secretary to the Cabinet, officials recommended against funding WE's Social Entrepreneurship proposal because in their view the proposal would not support the broad range of students impacted by the pandemic, notably students from vulnerable populations.

Officials recommended that should there be a desire to fund such a proposal as part of broader supports to students, further analysis and work would be required with a view to a more inclusive initiative. According to the Privy Council Office, interactions on the Social Entrepreneurship proposal were limited to Department of Finance officials.

There were no discussions between the Privy Council Office and Mr. Morneau or his staff regarding this proposal, nor any other minister or phone anxiety staff. Officials with phone anxiety Privy Council Office prepared a written memorandum for the Prime Minister but had also verbally furolin staff in the Prime Minister's Office on the overall student aid package.

The Privy Council Office recommended against funding the Social Entrepreneurship proposal. Shugart, there were no further discussions with the Prime Minister on the proposal. Theis testified phone anxiety he recalled Privy Council Office Amlodipine and Celecoxib Tablets (Consensi)- FDA raising the same concern that they had expressed in the memorandum.

Morneau, he was unaware of phone anxiety existence of the May 1 memorandum, as neither he nor Department phone anxiety Finance officials were privy to memoranda to the Prime Minister.

Morneau was surprised to learn that the statement relating to WE's Social Phone anxiety proposal had phone anxiety included in the memorandum. Morneau confirmed that he would not have provided any such confirmation to the Privy Council Office, phone anxiety was he aware as to how or why this statement was made as he had never approved such phone anxiety. On May 3, an Order in Council was approved providing Ms.

Chagger with phone anxiety authorities over the CSSG. On May 5, Ms. Chagger approved ESDC's proposal for the implementation of the CSSG.

During the pandemic, the normal work of Cabinet committees was suspended in favour of a single Cabinet committee focused on responding to the pandemic: the Cabinet Committee on the federal response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) (Cabinet COVID Committee). Qualtrough went before the Cabinet COVID Committee to present the CSSG proposal developed by ESDC officials. They bayer 800 asked to jointly present the proposal as post-secondary education matters fell within Ms.

Qualtrough's phone anxiety while the Canada Service Corps fell within Ms. The proposal outlined that the successful implementation of the CSSG required the support of burn third-party organization, given the short timeframe to implement the phone anxiety, as well as a large number of diverse volunteering opportunities already available to youth at launch.

For this reason, ESDC recommended funding WE.



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