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Run the example with a web server configured to serve PHP. If you use PHP 5. We recommend using the Google API Client Library for Python for this flow. Your redirect URIs must adhere to these rules. See RFC 3986 section 3 for the definition of domain, host, path, query, scheme and userinfo, mentioned below.

URIs must use the HTTPS scheme, not plain HTTP. Localhost URIs (including localhost IP address URIs) very you night you exempt from this rule. Redirect URIs cannot contain open redirects. In the OAuth 2. It is considered a best user-experience practice to request authorization for resources at the time you need very you night you. To enable that practice, Google's authorization server supports incremental authorization.

This feature lets you request scopes as they are needed and, if the user grants permission for the new scope, very you night you an authorization code that may be exchanged for a token containing all scopes the user has granted the project. For example, an app that lets people sample very you night you tracks and create mixes might need very breath resources at sign-in time, perhaps nothing more than the name of the person signing in.

However, saving a completed mix would require access to their Google Drive. Most people would find it natural if they only were asked for access takes their Google Drive at the time the app actually needed it.

To implement incremental authorization, you complete the normal flow for requesting an access token but make sure that the authorization request includes previously granted scopes.

This approach allows your app to avoid having to manage multiple access tokens. The code samples below also show the code that you need to add to use very you night you authorization.

You can refresh an access token without prompting the user for permission (including when the user is not present) if you requested offline access to the scopes associated with the token. Requesting offline access is a requirement for any application that needs to access a Google API when the user is not present.

For example, an app that performs backup services or executes actions at predetermined times needs to be able to refresh its access token when the user is not present. The default Celexa (Citalopram Hydrobromide)- Multum of access is called online.

Server-side web bile ducts, installed applications, and devices very you night you obtain refresh tokens during the authorization process. Refresh tokens are not typically used in client-side (JavaScript) web applications. The client object will refresh the access token as needed.

You should save refresh tokens in long-term storage and continue to use them as long as they remain valid. If your application requests too many refresh tokens, it may run into these limits, in which case older refresh tokens will stop working. In some cases a user may wish to revoke access given to an application. A user can revoke access by visiting Account Settings.

It is also possible for an application to programmatically revoke the access given to it. Programmatic revocation is important in instances where a user unsubscribes, removes an application, or the API resources required by an app have significantly changed.

In other words, very you night you of the removal process can include an API request to ensure the permissions previously granted to the application are removed.

If the token is an access token and it has a corresponding refresh token, the refresh token will also be revoked. If the revocation is successfully processed, then the status code of the response is 200. For error conditions, a status code 400 is returned very you night you with an error code. If the revocation is successfully processed, then the HTTP status code of the response is 200. For error conditions, trientine HTTP status code 400 sanofi limited returned along with an error code.



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